Tunisian Women in Finance of The Year 2022 >  Rania Hmam

Six Tunisian Women were nominated “Tunisian Women in Finance of The Year 2022” by RECONNECTT.

Let’s discover together the path taken by Rania Hmam, to reach this level in his professional career and the keys to achieving success :

Rania HMAM is Director – Global Market Digital Transformation Manager at Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking Confident and dedicated technology leader able to lead all phases of digital transformation initiatives, Managed complex projects across many teams. In-depth knowledge of IT skills such as SQL, Excel and word addins, XML, Windows and UNIX environments, Web Services, directed and participated in all research projects.

Rania joined SGSS (Societe Generale Securities Services) in 2007 as an IT developer and then Societe Generale Investment Banking (SGCIB) as a Research IT support. Rania transferred to the New York office in early 2011 to implement a global SG Digital Transformation strategyRania has a master degree in artificial intelligence from Paris Dauphine (2006) and was graduated as IT Engineer from École Nationale des Sciences Informatique (Tunisia) in 2005.

She is currently doing:
– Confident and dedicated technology leader able to lead all phases of digital transformation initiatives while mentoring and motivating teams, successfully creating and implementing a digital change agenda.
– Leading the organization in maximizing the opportunities of digital working culture by reviewing the skills, processes, people and tools to deliver on digital strategy
– IT Strategy, Digital Strategy, Business
– IT Alignment & Value Delivery – Availability & Performance Management of Business Critical Systems
– Operational Discipline & IT Governance
– IT & Business Process Automation
– Workflow Design and Implementation
– CAMUNDA Technology
– Deliver digital products to clear objectives, working with the Executive leadership to set clear targets and measure progress towards them.
– Implement Worldwide Compliance requirements (FINRA, AMF…)

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