Tunisian Women in Finance of The Year 2022 >  DR Amira Annabi

Six Tunisian Women were nominated “Tunisian Women in Finance of The Year 2022” by RECONNECTT.

Let’s discover together the path taken by DR Amira Annabi, to reach this level in his professional career and the keys to achieving success :

Dr. Amira Annabi is an Associate Professor of Finance at Manhattan College in New York. She earned a Ph.D. in Finance from HEC Montreal, an MSc in Financial Engineering from HEC Montreal, and a BSc from Institut Superieur de Gestion in Tunis. She serves as the Faculty Advisor of the Manhattan College Investment Club, mentoring students in investment, portfolio selection, and stock pitches. Her academic research interests include the interplay between bankruptcy laws and capital structure decisions, the impact of financial regulation on banks’ performance, and the drivers of financial literacy among young adults.

Dr. Annabi has presented her research at numerous conferences and published her work in the International Review of Law and Economics, the Journal of Financial Education, the Journal of European Operational Research, and the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, among others. She is the recipient of the Collaboration, Growth, and Innovation (CGI) grant awarded by the New American Colleges & Universities (NAC&U).

Dr. Annabi launched a Financial Literacy Initiative at Manhattan College, which serves the Bronx community in New York.
She is also regularly invited to talk at the annual Bloomberg for Education symposium, an event focused on integrating the use of the Bloomberg Terminal in undergraduate finance classes.

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