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Terms of Service
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These Terms will be validated upon activation of a User’s account and must be validated for each modification by Users. Take care to make my modifications and adjustments from a Word or other Editor type editor before copying it to your WordPress application.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Updated on 06/10/2022


The site, available at https://reconnectt.org/, is a private professional social network made available by RECONNECTT to enable its members (students, graduates, partner companies, friends of RECONNECTT) to help each other , to keep in touch, to facilitate contact, to share opportunities, to exchange advice, to promote training, to promote professional integration, employment and careers. The site and its services are provided by the “WordPress” application published by the WordPress company

The purpose of these general conditions of use is to regulate access to and the methods of use of the Site. We invite you to read it carefully.

By activating your Account, making an Account request, making a reservation for an event or making a purchase on the Site, you acknowledge having read and accepted all of these general conditions of use.


Terms beginning with a capital letter in the T&Cs have the following meaning (unless expressly stated otherwise):

    Site means the RECONNECTT website accessible at the address https://reconnectt.org/ giving access to the Services of the network;
    Users designate the members who can access the services via an Account (partner companies, friends of RECONNECTT, students, graduates, recruiters), natural persons registering for an event and Administrators. For each type of User, access to the services may be limited according to the choices of the Administrators.
    Administrators designate the natural persons of RECONNECTT and authorized to use the Modules of the WordPress application for professional or management purposes: they have access to an Account allowing them to configure the Modules and to configure or carry out actions on the User Accounts;
    Account means a valid account giving access to the Site Services;
    Content means any content that Users can download and access from the site, including but not limited to articles, events, directories, profile sheets with Personal Data depending on the confidentiality that each User will have configured from their preferences;
    Personal Data means any personal data relating to a natural person who is or could be identified;
    Modules designates the management applications of a private professional social network developed by AlumnForce and accessible in “software as a service” (SaaS);
    Privacy Policy means the document drawn up by RECONNECT presenting its processing of Users’ Personal Data and defining their corresponding rights;
    Services means the supply of the Modules and the additional services that may be provided at the request of RECONNECTT by AlumnForce, in particular configuration, assistance or training, etc. ;

Scope of the Terms of Service

These general terms and conditions of use (“GTU”) apply to all use of and access to the Services on the site. They are validated electronically by the User at the time of activation of his Account and each time the T&Cs are modified. The T&Cs are accessible at any time on the Site. The professional social network is not freely accessible. Access is reserved for Network Users who have accepted the T&Cs and who have an Account with a username and password.

Users acknowledge having read and understood the T&Cs and agree to be bound by them.

RECONNECTT reserves the right to modify the T&Cs at any time by notifying Users by email of any new version, who undertake to be aware of these modifications.

Description of the services provided by RECONNECTT

RECONNECTT offers its members the following services:

    A participatory network information and sharing service (news, events, discussions, newsletters, wall activities, comments, internal messaging, notifications, sharing to social networks, etc.)
    A directory of User members with access to User profiles
    A connection service between User members via internal messaging
    A service