Tunisian Women in Tech of The Year 2022 > Dr. Chiraz Ennaceur

Six Tunisian Women were nominated “Tunisian Women in Tech of The Year 2022” by RECONNECTT active members and ambassadors.

Let’s discover together the path taken by Dr. Chiraz Ennaceur, to reach this level in his professional career and the keys to achieving success :

Dr. Chiraz Ennaceur is the CEO and co-founder of CorrosionRADAR Ltd, one of the fastest growing technology start-up in the UK in the space of predictive corrosion monitoring. CorrosionRADAR is an important enabler for Industry 4.0 and assets digitalisation allowing many sectors such as Oil & Gas and energy to have safer and more sustainable operations. CorrosionRADAR is also a proud winner of the prestigious Materials Performance (MP) Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award for its ground-breaking Predictive Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Monitoring System.
Prior to this role she was the Programme Manager of the Structural Integrity Research Foundation (SIRF), a £150m industry-driven research programme based at TWI Ltd Cambridge.

Chiraz has a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Technology of Compiègne (France) followed up by a Post-doc at WZI– University of Amsterdam and FOM (Netherlands). It all started in Tunisia for her where she had her Civil Engineering degree from Ecole National d’Ingénieurs de Gabès (ENIG).

Chiraz is passionate about entrepreneurship. She was involved in several programmes such as EnterpriseWiSE programme run by the Cambridge Judge business school, and she is supporting different other initiatives to help unlock the potential of women entrepreneur.
As part of her entrepreneurial journey Chiraz won several awards as recognition of her work and achievements:
• “Entrepreneur of the Year” from the English Women Awards 2018.
• Winner at the OnetoWatch Top 21 2019 by Cofinitive campaign in Cambridge
• Finalist at the prestigious Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards 2019 at the CEO of the Year category
• Recognition award by the Tunisian Minister of industry and SMEs
• Selected as “One of 100 inspiring International Women’s Day 2021”

Congratulations !
All the best for your future career !
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