On the Way to our Talents in North America#2

“On the Way to our Talents in North America” is an initiative of RECONNECTT to meet our Tunisian compatriots, who have opted for North America to continue their studies and careers.
They have succeeded brilliantly in their careers in all areas.
Our goal is to meet them, to share their experiences, their challenges, their visions on different topics, including the current and future of their native country…

These meetings are intended to enhance our high skills and create synergies between Tunisians to benefit their native country and their youth.

We will explore all the topics with them, every 3 months.
in order to enrich the panel and guarantee the largest possible attendance, we have requested the partnership and the attendance of the Tunisian press.

The second panel of : “On the Way to our Talents in North America” initiative concerns entrepreneurship, entitled :

“They founded their company in North America”

22 September at 18:30 Tunisian Time or 19:30 French Time

with :
Dr. Hichem Sellami

Co-Founder iNCORTA
San Francisco, california

Dr. Besma Rouai-Abidi
President and CEO Phelps2020
Knoxville, Tennessee

Amine Riahi
Co-Founder Epilert
San Francisco, california

The first panel of : “On the Way to our Talents in North America” initiative was :
How to succeed in your studies and have a rewarding career in the USA?

This panel is organized in partnership with Managers.

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