Press Release : The second regional edition of Women in data science (Women in Data Science (WiDS) Worldwide) organized in Tunisia

Press release :

The second regional edition of Women in data science (Women in Data Science (WiDS) Worldwide) organized in Tunisia

The association RECONNECTT organized, on May 04&05 2023 in Tunis, in partnership with Women in Data Science (WiDS) Worldwide – Tunisia, the second edition of the International Conference : Tunisian Women and Data+AI 2023.

The days were intense but inspiring, a great opportunity for professionals, researchers, students to discover and exchange with exceptional women in various fields, in Tunisia and in the world.

RECONNECTT has invited a group of talented women students from all over the country, from the major Tunisian engineering schools and from public business and management schools.

The speakers were highly skilled, masterful, courteous, and devoted to their country, Tunisia, and their loyalty was exemplary.

Throughout the two days of the conference, experts from different backgrounds had presented the latest breakthrough in AI, its economic impact and the ethical and social challenges it involved.

A particular interest was given to the applications of AI and its effects in fields of activity ranging from health sciences to education and human resources, including scientific research.

A straight-forward panel discussion was held on the Tunisian national AI strategy, which unfortunately has yet to see daylight; a representative from the Ministry was also invited to speak about it.

The panelists have reiterated the urgency, and have proposed a set of ideas to contribute to this strategy, RECONNECTT through its experts and its global network in the field and its future “Think Tank” has proposed its help.

The participation of the UNFT and the opening speech of Mrs. Radhia Jerbi as well as her questions to our Tunisian and foreign speakers and her insights were among the highlights of this conference.

The major objective was to inspire different generation of women to study and use AI in their activities. This objective has been fulfilled, we deeply thank all the participants for their trust.

We cordially thank all our partners, the Tunisian banks UBCI and BTE for their support, all the Tunisian media who have supported us and especially Mr. Hechmi AMMAR, without forgetting the global organization WIDS of the American Stanford University.

RECONNECTT looks forward to seeing you at the next edition in 2024.

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