DR. Maryam Miradi, Talk : Deep look into Deepfake: Intersection of AI and Ethics May 04 at 13:30 Tunisian/14:30 French Time

RECONNECTT is excited to partner with Stanford University to bring the 2nd edition of Women in Data Science (Women in Data Science (WiDS) Worldwide) regional event to Tunisia.
This edition is entitled : Tunisian Women and DATA + AI Summit 2023

We feel deeply proud and are hugely honored to welcome as distinguished guest keynote:

DR. Maryam Miradi, PhD
AI and Data Science Lead
Transactie Monitoring Nederland (TMNL), Netherlands

Talk : Deep look into Deepfake: Intersection of AI and Ethics
May 04 at 13:30 Tunisian/14:30 French Time

Our event will be held on May 04 & 05 2023 in hybrid mode from Tunis.

Dr. Maryam Miradi is the founder of Profound Analytics BV. The company has been based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands since 2010.
Her first acquaintance with Artificial intelligence started when she was 17 years old, a first-year student. The University Professors asked me to join a speech and image recognition project for Crime detection at national Police. She worked on the project for 4 years and received her master’s
degree with honors. The power of the AI and Machine Learning models was
more than obvious. Also, the opportunities looked endless.
That’s why, during my PhD research (2003 to 2008), she applied different
Artificial intelligence models to predict the maintenance of Dutch Highways
and secondary roads. The material behavior of asphalt is so complex that only
very advanced analytics techniques and algorithms can give enough insights.
Because of the uniqueness of my project, she received many international prizes and wrote many publications.

She has in total 24 publications and 5 international prizes including being the
Best Young European Researcher in 2008, category of Future Visions.
From 2009 she has been building and implementing plenty of AI, Machine
Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Computer Vision and advanced analytics
solutions for different industries.

She feels very lucky to be able to create value for Companies in Detecting
Financial Crime, Anti Money Laundering, Transaction Monitoring, Know Your
Client, Client Monitoring, Energy network, Retail, the Tax administration, E-
Commerce, Roads and Transportations, Bank transactions, Bus network and
Publishing houses.
The conference is organized by RECONNECTT and sponsored by Banque de Tunisie et des Émirats & UBCI.
Many thanks for your support and confidence.
WMC – webmanagercenter as Media Sponsor.

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