Tunisian Women in Finance of The Year 2022 >  Amira AKKARI

Six Tunisian Women were nominated “Tunisian Women in Finance of The Year 2022” by RECONNECTT.

Let’s discover together the path taken by Amira AKKARI, to reach this level in his professional career and the keys to achieving success :

Born and bred Tunisian mathematician. Thrived at “Lycee Pilot of Sousse” where she was raised to love Maths and to dare have high ambitions. Earned a full scholarship to pursue Ecole Preparatoire and Engineering studies in a leading French school with a focus on Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Quantitative Finance.

Started as an Equity and Fund Derivatives quantitative analyst in Tier 1 French bank and continued building experience and expanding responsibilities.

Currently an Executive Director at JPMorgan Chase leading large scale projects with a focus on using modern quant finance, data-driven, and AI methods for financial applications in markets. Has a strong focus on reinforcement learning for derivatives risk management (Deep Hedging) and pricing/quoting to drive client business. Expanded the use of big data and cloud compute technology to push forward the expansion and automation of Equities and markets businesses.

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