Tunisian Women in Tech of The Year 2022 > Dr. NAJETT NEJI

Najett Neji was born in Paris, France. She received her diploma and M.Sc. degrees in Wireless Communications from CentraleSupelec, Gif-Sur-Yvette, France in 2008. In December 2011, she received her Ph.D. entitled “Radio-Frequency Compatibility of the Future Aeronautical Communication System in the L-band” at the Department of Research in Electromagnetism (DRE) in CentraleSupelec, supervised by Dr. Raul de Lacerda, Prof. Alain Azoulay and Thierry Letertre.

She is currently associate professor at Paris-Saclay University, Evry-Courcouronnes, France. During the 5 last years, her research work is in the field of vehicular communications (V2X) as well as cooperative and autonomous multi-agent systems. The problems addressed concern (i) the
characterization of communication channels and the consideration of information exchanges between air and/or ground vehicles in individual and collective decision cycles, and (ii) the optimization of communications to improve the perception of the environment by vehicles with a limited amount of information due to instrumentation limitations.
By combining methodologies from the telecommunications domain and deep learning approaches, this work (focused on communications with drones) is mainly applied in the context of smart cities.

The main contributions include (3 PhD projects currently in progress):
– Accurate localization of the different entities of the system including in degraded conditions
– Continuous connectivity of the vehicular network for both road traffic fluidity and road safety
– Observation and optimization of road traffic in crisis situations.
She got the best of session paper award at DASC’10 (Digital Avionics Systems Conference), Utah, October 2010. She also received the innovation prize (student project “NO’ZZ”: intelligent alarm
clock) and the jury’s special mention (student project “Energy Harvester”) at ESIEE, Paris, June 2017.

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