Webinar Carthage: Field of Glory and Land of Prosperity

November 20th at 19:30 2021

It was An exceptional evening and an unforgettable debate

with one of the last builders of Tunisia: Prof. Azedine Beschaouch

Excellence is Surpassing Yourself, others and expectations !

Many many emotions and very proud to have organized this tribute

In order to pay a warm tribute to the distinguished professor Azedine Beschaouch and to say thank you for all that you have carried out and succeeded wonderfully for our country, our collective memory and the preservation of our historical heritage.

the panel was composed of:

– Professor Azedine Beschaouch: Historian, archaeologist, Former Tunisian Minister of Culture and Minister of Culture at UNESCO

– Professor Taher Ghalia: historian, archaeologist and academic specializing in Late Antiquity architecture and mosaics

– Dr. Khaled Melliti, Historian and moderator.

Massive thanks to our dear professors Azedine Beschaouch and Taher Ghalia for your interventions.

Massive thanks Dr Khaled Melliti for the excellent presentation.