The advantages of membership in RECONNECTT

The advantages of membership in RECONNECTT
Becoming a member of RECONNECTT means joining a group of Tunisians with exceptional professional skills and meeting Tunisians from all over the world who share the same values as you.
You can interact with other RECONNECTT members and ambassadors, and ask for advice, share your experiences, discuss science and technology.

If you are experiencing difficulties in your career, the RECONNECTT network can help you by providing support and guidance, as well as helping you find new ideas and solutions for your career. This advice and service can extend to your company or startup if you are an entrepreneur.
You have access to job opportunities, internships and theses, postdocs, you can share your CV, research and publications in our LinkedIn group.
Membership in RECONNECTT gives you these six benefits:
Professional development
Networking opportunities
Exclusive online resources
Discovery and Culture

Professional Development
1.1. Career Coaching Activity
It consists of the accompaniment of a junior member by a senior member, designated within the framework of the association’s activities. The senior member can either guide the young talent in the initial phase of his or her career or advise him or her at a decisive moment in his or her career. In this way, the mentor enriches the young talent with his or her feedback and sheds light on the decision making process.
1.2. Workshops on the career path
RECONNECTT may consider organizing, at the request of its members, events related to
Career paths: talking about a success story.
Professional culture in different countries.
Interview simulations in different fields.
RECONNECTT is present all over the world and its ambassadors will be able to help and guide you.

1.3 Job, thesis, internship opportunities
RECONNECTT publishes on its website offers from various sources, including its highly qualified members around the world. Only members, who are up to date with their dues, can benefit from these offers.
Members looking for new talent within their companies or startups can also post their job offers and internships and get in touch with junior members with high potential and belonging to the Tunisian elite.
2- Education
RECONNECTT offers master class and e-learning opportunities through workshops, seminars and online courses with industry leaders with years of experience.
Students and teachers can receive advice on choosing a school or university, the value of a degree or training in any country.
RECONNECTT also offers technological, professional and scientific documentation in some cases.
3- Networking opportunities
RECONNECTT provides networking opportunities with professionals in your field.
If you are looking for career opportunities, new contacts with industry professionals, or even a mentor in your profession, RECONNECTT provides these invaluable networking opportunities.
The advantage of professional networks is the potential wealth of resources and ideas they can provide. The relationships you can build in a professional organization are more likely to provide practical and useful advice.
4- Exclusive online resources
There is nothing more exclusive than members-only online resources. As a member of a professional association, you will have access to journals, articles, webinars, etc.
5- Conferences/Events
Annual events and conferences are a great way to get to know other members. These events are opportunities to expand your professional network and meet the brightest minds in your industry.
RECONNECTT gives its members privileged access to events and paid webinars (masterclass, monitoring, etc.) at reduced rates.
Access to RECONNECTT’s YouTube channel, to the interventions (Talks, panels…) of its high level Tunisian and foreign guests is reserved to members.
RECONNECTT offers you cultural events related to Tunisia, which will allow you to learn more about your identity, your roots and to open up to world cultures.
Cultural events are not only about Tunisia. They involve a variety of cultures. Thanks to its ambassadors around the world, RECONNECTT allows you to discover different cultures without having to visit them, especially through their professional perspectives.